Custom Witch Hazel Formulation

Custom Witch Hazel Extracts to Meet Your Formulation Needs

At American Distilling we also offer custom formulations of our Witch Hazel extracts utilizing various extraction techniques and ingredients tailored to meet your specific application.

Each part of the Witch Hazel plant produces distinctly different extracts with unique beneficial properties for cosmetic and personal care products. Our Witch Hazel Bark, Pulp and Leaf extracts work independently or in various combinations to offer various benefits for your formulation.

Our expert staff will work together with you to specify and produce the most beneficial, cost effective ingredient blend for your product. This also includes special custom certified organic formulations or blends that include your proprietary ingredients.

Click here to download our MSDS and Specification Sheets for our standard products.

Examples of custom blends are:

  • Custom preservative system blends
  • Pre-blends or mixes that include customer specified or proprietary ingredients
  • Witch Hazel Bark, Pulp and Leaf extracts blends
  • Low odor formulations
  • Anti-oxidant blends

Standard Packaging (Order Quantities)

  • Gallon, 5 Gallon (pail), 55 Gallon (drum), 275 Gallon (tote)